Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Assignment #2 – Travel Brochures!

Day #1
Here is where you will begin your work to create a travel brochure. We have already done a general overview of France together as a class, but now we are going to get more detailed. You and your partner will choose to focus on the entire country of France, one aspect (education, sports, government, history, the capital…), Rennes (the city where our pen pals live), or Brittany (the region/state) where they live. Before you choose what you will make your brochure on you need some more information in order to make your decision.

Step 1: Take a moment and think about what you know about France. Once you have some ideas written on your KWL chart, raise your hand. Together as a class, let’s see what we know.
Step 2: Next, using the KWL chart you have been given, please turn and talk to your partner in order to complete the “W” part of the chart. Our goal at the end of this part is to see what we as a class know about France, and what we want to know.

Now we have a class KWL chart with what we know (K) and what we want to learn (W) filled in. As we proceed, it will be your job to continue asking questions, but also look to answer them as well (L – what we learned).

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