Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Before We Get Started...

Assignment #1:

In conversations with many of you, you have asked about what France looks like, what the people are like and if they have any traditional customs. Before we start our research, I would like you to watch the following movie. Now, these are no ordinary pictures taken from the internet, these are from I was living in Rennes and the surrounding area. I would like you to watch this video at least twice. The first time should be for enjoyment; the second time really pay attention to details and try to answer the questions I listed below. We have used a number of graphic organizers for comparing and contrasting, so I would like you to choose the one that works best for you – either a Venn Diagram or a T-Chart. Blank organizers are in the basket.

Also, be sure to put your headphones on because there is some great music!

Questions to think about:

1) What did you notice that is the same as or similar to NY, or where your family is from?
2) What stood out to you as totally different from the pictures of France and your life here?
3) Have you ever seen sights like these before? What do they remind you of?
4) What did you think of the music? Where have you heard music like this before?
5) What are your overall impressions of the video – pictures and music? What kind of conclusions can you make based on what you saw? Do you have any new opinions of France?
6) Do you have any questions about what you saw?

Now that you have completed the above assignments, I am curious about what you think. Last week we reviewed how to write letters; I would like you to write me a letter where you compare and contrast Brooklyn to Rennes, as well as answer the above questions. I am looking for correct letter writing forms and expressions, organization, and detailed answers to the questions. Since you are writing me a letter, please feel free to include any questions you may have. As usual, I will respond to your letters.

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