Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time For Research

Day #3
We spent yesterday researching and talking about how to make an effective travel brochure. Before you can put that into practice, you need to decide what you are going to research and create your guide about. Remember what I said the other day: you and your partner can choose to focus on an overview of the entire country of France, one aspect (education, sports, government, history, the capital…), Rennes (the city where our pen pals live), or Brittany (the region/state) where they live. Below I have given you a number of links that will be helpful to get you started on your research. You may want to use these sites or branch out on your own – keep in mind how we have done internet research in the past and your note-taking skills. By the end of this session I would like you and your partner to have made a decision as to what you will be researching. Once you have made a selection, be sure to let me know because I will only accept one of a topic. Good luck and enjoy your research!


As you are researching, keep in mind what you read yesterday about what makes a travel brochure effective:

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